Thanks to data, increasing audience engagement is no longer such a guess-and-test process. In this session, the team behind Vox's inaugural Pivot MIA event will break down their data-driven decisions as it pertains to getting onlookers to not only engage with the techy touchpoints on-site, but also with the immersive elements on-site, and post-event by means of podcasts. These experts will challenge you to think beyond match-made, one-on-one meetings at live events to think about brand evangelism. The key: leveraging event tech, social media, and attendees' evident eagerness to network IRL again—all at the same time! The result? Sky-high engagement stats. (But don't take it from us; tune in for more on Dec. 8.)

First impressions are everything, but you already knew that. However, events that stay top of mind for eventgoers and keep clients wanting an encore is no easy feat. We've all heard of meetings and events that are "innovative," "out-of-the-box," "cutting-edge," and "full of steal-worthy inspo," but just how is that achieved? The industry experts in this session will tell you—and they'll take it a step further by providing actionable takeaways for creating trend-setting to-dos—with a deep-dive into the Forbes 30/50 Summit.

As event professionals, you're storytellers in your own right. After all, you're in the business of bringing brands' narratives to life through experiences, touch points, and F&B, just to name a few. Tune into this session to take a look at how the Lane Bryant Brand Conference established brand loyalty to discover where emotions fit into the puzzle, plus how to tap into guests' feelings to go beyond event success and create a relationship between a brand and its consumers.

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Sustainability is no top-of-mind industry trend—take it from Dreamforce 2022. It's here to stay as the meeting and events industry looks to make a lasting impact on ensuring the long-term success of our planet. And in 2022, being green is no longer a costly headache—it has the power to add real value to any affair. Don't believe us? Tune into this session, and be apart of the conversation on making a footprint in the effort to reduce carbon footprints. See you there!

Ralph Waldo Emerson said "it's not about the destination, it's about the journey," but in the world of meetings and events, it can be about the destination. Take it from PepsiCo's Expo 2020 in Dubai, which was a natural extension of the forward-thinking, abundantly luxurious landscape it took place in. The professionals on this panel will tell you how they achieved this synergy, and they'll break down why venue selection should go beyond a building to the setting's surroundings.

What comes to mind when you think of "event tech?" Is it live-streamed education sessions during a virtual event or QR codes with additional information at an IRL affair? What about a post-event social media strategy, team-building cooking classes over Zoom, or pre-event surveys? It's clear that challenges with event tech don't come in the form of options, but rather knowing which techy strategy is right for your to-do. In this session, Cisco will break down the high-tech elements of its IMPACT FY23 event to showcase the importance of picking the right digital offerings.

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Join event experts from The Utility Expo learn the role innovation plays in their professional lives—starting with what the concept of "innovation" means to them. From there, learn how it has the power to allow these profs to push boundaries, to create space for standout soirees, and to enhance the attendee experience.

At annually recurring events, attendees know what to expect, which can be great for culture building, making special announcements, and giving people something to get excited about. But naturally, putting on the same event each year is...well, boring. Therefore, the event profs behind Service Titan’s Customer Conference are coming together to dish all the details on how they revamp the long-running affair, including tips on when and how to reinvent, revamp, and redecorate.

At their core, meetings and events are all about creating and fostering communities. And in today's experiential-booming world, there's icebreakers, interactive touch points, share-worthy event tech, and no shortage of pop-up opportunities that make the task of connecting people debatably easier than ever. Not so fast! Knowing how and when to leverage the tools at your fingertips is key. In this session, dissect the hand-on activation at Workhuman Live to see just how the right formula can guarantee event success.