Exhibitor Checklist


Please use this checklist as a guide as you prepare to exhibit at BizBash Orlando 2020. Click here for the Exhibitor Kit and Forms.


Complete the form to reserve the 6' skirted table and two (2) chairs that are included in your booth package by Monday, October 12. If you don’t reserve these by October 12, show management will assume you are not utilizing them and they will not be placed in your booth. You cannot request these items free-of-charge on site.

Register your booth staff for the show to see all event information. For additional passes or to receive your code, contact the
BizBash Events Team.


Book your room at the Orlando World Center Marriott.


☐ Submit a Certificate of Insurance listing Connect Biz d.b.a. BizBash, Connect, Orlando World Center Marriott, and Stetson Convention Services as additionally insured. Please submit by Monday, October 12 to the BizBash Events Team.


☐ Note that no booth will be allowed to build over the 8-foot backdrop without written approval from a member of the BizBash team.


☐ Ship your booth materials in advance to the Stetson warehouse from Monday, September 21 to Friday, October 9, M-F, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm; or directly to the show site Monday, October 19, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.


☐ Order carpet for your booth  – OPTIONAL


☐ Order electricity for your booth  – OPTIONAL


☐ Order furnishing and/or design and decor elements for your booth – OPTIONAL


☐ Order Internet for your booth if needed – OPTIONAL


☐ Order additional A/V equipment for your booth – OPTIONAL