Pants Optional: The Five Secrets to Remote Success
Chris Dyer

Work used to be something done in offices. Now it’s being done on couches, at kitchen tables, and in bedrooms across the globe. While organizations have been leaning toward remote work for years, the events of 2020 accelerated that transition, sending many workers to their home offices permanently with little to no preparation. Employees and organizations alike have been forced to quickly adapt to this new environment, and they are often learning lessons the hard way. As the CEO of a workforce that has been fully remote for over 10 years, leadership and culture expert Chris Dyer was managing remote teams before it was the norm. In fact, he’s run over 100,000 virtual meetings (Yep, you read that right!). As a “remote-native” leader, Chris has spent years uncovering the secrets every organization should know to be successful in a hybrid world – one where remote workers coexist alongside those in the office. In this timely keynote, he’ll share his top five lessons on how to do hybrid right, so you can learn from his mistakes. You won’t want to miss this keynote aimed at helping you thrive in a remote world—pants optional!

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