Do I have to be a finalist to attend the virtual event?

We welcome event professionals of all backgrounds to experience our virtual event and winners announcement.

If I submitted for an award, am I already registered?
Only those who voted in the People's Choice Awards are pre-registered for the event, as we'll be utilizing the same platform powered by MeetingPlay. Everyone else can register here.

Is the event free to attend?
Yes! Everyone is welcome to attend the virtual event and winners announcement. Share the link with your colleagues, clients, and other industry contacts so they can also experience the full program.

Do I have to stay for the whole event?
We encourage everyone to tune in for the whole event! The content and insights shared by our finalists and winners will give you new perspectives and strategies to take back to your team.

Will I be able to watch the sessions after the event?
All content will be available on demand following the event - but you will not be able to network and interact with fellow industry pros unless you tune in to the live broadcast.

When will my category be announced?
Check out the Agenda for details on when all categories will be announced.

How does the judging process work?
Each entry is reviewed and scored by both BizBash editorial and a panel of industry experts. Finalists and winners are determined by the following criteria:

  • Creativity/Fresh Thinking (20 points): How unique/original is the idea behind this work/program/product?
  • Execution/Aesthetics (20 points): How well did this entry contribute to the overall success of the event? OR How well does this product lend itself to events?
  • Effectiveness (30 points): How would you rate the quality of the production/development of this event/program/product?
  • Wider Impact (30 points): Does this work/program advance the event and meeting industry in terms of innovation and forward thinking? OR Does this product help the industry move forward/adapt to changes?

Will you release my score total?
Scoring totals will not be released, but we will announce a winner (submission with the highest total score) and runner(s) up.

Can someone be a judge if their company also enters the competition?
Yes, anyone is welcome to enter the awards program as long as their event/product/service meets the awards criteria. If a judge has entered a submission in any category, they will not be assigned that category to judge. Judges must also recuse themselves from a category/submission should that entry involve a client or direct competitor.

Why has my category changed?
After extensive vetting and qualifying by trusted industry experts, your entry may have been noted to better fit within another category. We always strive to ensure your submissions get the recognition they deserve.

Was my entry considered for Best Event of the Decade categories?
If you submitted for Live and/or Virtual Events and Experiences, and your entry met the criteria for Best Event of the Decade, your submission was automatically entered into the appropriate category.