BizBash, the event industry's No. 1 resource, is thrilled to partner with EnventU to create a pipeline to professions™ in the events and meeting industry.

This collaborative partnership will empower youth in marginalized communities through hands-on experiences and education, encouraging these high school-level students to prepare for a career in all areas of live experiences.

The Industry Inclusion Investment pledge envisions YOUR business needs as opportunities and access for ambitious teens to apprentice their way into valuable skills, invaluable knowledge and infuse greater diversity, inclusion, and equity into event experiences.

“I was absolutely awestruck when EnventU Founder Latoya Lewis told me how her organization unlocks the power of event organizing as a leadership and empowerment tool, especially for inner city youth. I can’t think of any other experiential learning activity that teaches so much and introduces an entire generation to what many of us accidentally stumbled into as a career.”

- David Adler, Chairman & Founder, BizBash