Founder, The Conversation Truck | Head of Accounts, RMNG

Alyssa Mason is the Founder of The Conversation Truck and spends her days creating impact-driven experiences as the Head of Accounts at the experiential agency, RMNG.

The Conversation Truck is about creating a mobile space for conversation. We started out with a mission to amplify Black voices. We created a safe place for the community to have conversations that everyone could join in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

We believe that conversation sparks systemic change. Our platform is here for all underrepresented voices with conversations such as health care, the power of voting and climate change. 

We continue to facilitate education and change in the way we know how- through community experience. 

It’s only when our voices are united, we become too loud to be ignored.

Join us and connect event organizers, artists, creators, educational leaders and elected officials with your community. 

Join the Conversation.