In the wake of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the core of the events industry has been shaken. With strict guidelines on face-to-face interactions, nearly every business has been forced to rethink their strategy around bringing people together—which in turn, has brought our industry family even closer. From sharing virtual resources to brainstorming sessions for the months ahead, event professionals in every market have banded together to not only help each other, but those most impacted by COVID-19.

Join BizBash Chairman and Founder David Adler and Senior Editor Ashton Pike as they chat with industry leaders—including Anthony Vade of FMAV, Natasha Mytnowych of The Globe and Mail CentreQasim Virjee of StartWell, Marc Dorfman of CN Tower, and other industry leaders—about everything from the impact of coronavirus in the Toronto market, to new strategies moving forward, how they've found the good in the bad, what the future holds, and more.