Full Name
Jack Bedwani
Job Title
CEO and Founder
CEO & Founder
Speaker Bio
Jack has spent his 15 year career keenly interested in the influence that
brilliantly creative people hold and how they use it.
He founded the New Moon in 2008 in Sydney Australia as a reaction to the
evolving need to more integrated culturally led experiential projects down
New Moon its now a globally established cultural consultancy that has
offices in Sydney, Los Angeles, London and New York and the business
has become a vehicle for Jack's creative exploration of global cultural shifts
and movements. With a mission to be active participants in the creation of
popular culture,
Jack bring this ethos to everything he and New Moon do. They proudly
pioneer the translation of cultural trends and movements into experiences,
content and communities, and inspire people to have genuine brand love
for genuinely lovable brands.
Before founding the New Moon Jack championed the expansion of the
international Fashion Week format, as executive producer for a series of
high profile runway events in Singapore, Hong Kong, Berlin, New York ,
Dubai, Melbourne and Sydney.
In 2020 Jack with 8 other experiential agency leaders founded The
Experiential Guild of America, a non for profit industry organization
designed to organize and promote leading businesses in the events
Jack Bedwani