The Secret to Building your Brand and Business Simultaneously
Christopher Salem

The difference between a great to an extraordinary organization is the ability to relate and understand their audience as a trusted advisor based on similar core values. The truth to scaling your organization and building a sustainable platform for higher retention of customers comes down to not "what you do" but "why you do what you do" from core values. It's what is compelling to them and not what makes you unique. People relate to others based upon similar values. They are more likely to be engaged doing their part and inspire others to do more in their industry through being the example. This exemplifies the role of a Trusted Advisor in your industry and leads to a more sustainable connection with your customers. So how do you build this level of influence and what is the complete process to become a trusted advisor in your industry? Come learn the types of content, platforms, communication style, and more as to what will make your association more compelling to your members for higher retention and sustainable growth.

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Virtual BizBash Stage
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Tampa Convention Center
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On-Demand Education