AV 101 & AV Hygeiene in a Post-Covid World
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 1, 2021, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

This session presented by Scott Frankel, President of Animatic Media & Conference-On-Demand +LIVE will get you up to speed with AV technology, terminology and make you more comfortable working with both your AV vendor and clients/speakers. Also learn ideas and procedures to implement as "in-person" meetings return. Learn tips for AV hygiene as well as physical distancing in room drawings and new technologies to embrace to assure a safe event environment. Learn they keys to specifying the correct AV equipment and labor without spending too much. Find out what you should be asking for and what not to fall for in terms of equipment and labor. Hear best practices for AV Hygiene including checklists and procedures for equipment sanitization, physical distancing and keep your staff, show management and attendees safe while participating and your next in-person event. (In-Person Only)

Location Name
Theater 1 (IRL Only)
Full Address
Tampa Convention Center
333 S Franklin St
Tampa, FL 33602
United States
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