CEO + Founder, Mirrored Media

Justin Lefkovitch is the Founder and CEO of Mirrored Media, the award-winning experiential and digital marketing agency. Lefkovitch positioned the company at the intersection of music, influencers, fashion, art, automotive, film, technology, and the fan experience. His innovative ideas have changed the way some of the largest brands engage with their consumers. Mirrored is an industry-leading agency that creates high-impact, enduring lifestyle campaigns specializing in music and entertainment. Lefkovitch’s team helps brands reach their target markets through authentic, buzzworthy, and stand-out experiences. As a teenager growing up in Los Angeles, Lefkovitch was a renowned touring magician who performed globally with some of the industry's biggest names. Justin applies many of the same techniques he used in magic to the world of experiential marketing-- suspending disbelief to create a truly immersive experience. He thrives on storytelling through thoughtful narratives while creating lasting experiences.