Chairman & Founder, BizBash

David Adler founded BizBash as a cutting-edge platform for commerce, community, and content creation. With more than 200,000 monthly users, magazines, events, and digital components, BizBash is a leading tool in the rapidly expanding event and meeting market. Adler hosts BizBash's Gathergeeks podcasts which now has more than 150 episodes as well as a wide variety of blue-chip guests. Additionally, Adler created Collaborative America which sets out to recognize collaborative artists in all fields, turning them into celebrities.

Adler was recognized on the Secretaries Balcony Memorial overlooking the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument in recognition of his public sector work. At the moment he is authoring "How to be a Collaboration Artist": a practical guide to more effective problem solving and creative innovation. Additionally, he has helped successfully complete upwards of 25 acquisitions, divestitures, and public offerings: creating core communication strategies to secure optimal outcomes on behalf of companies including Macmillan Inc, Berlitz, Primedia, Channel 1, Cowles Business Media and Apartment Guides.

Adler oversaw the 2019 sale of 80% of BizBash Media to Tarsus (the world’s third-largest exhibition and media company). He has strong Business Development and Market Engagement capabilities as well, having progressively expanded BizBash Media into major markets including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Miami, Washington D.C., and Las Vegas and successfully innovating a series of franchise initiatives with BizBash such as The Top 1000 People in Events, The Top 100 Events in Local Markets, The Top Brands in Event Marketing and The 15 Most Innovative Meetings in North America.