Amy Blackman is the Founder/Principal of and is serving as 
Strategic Partner to Spiro, the global brand experience agency for the NEW 
NOW™. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Amy received an MA in 
Cultural Anthropology from Columbia University, then moved to LA, where she 
had a successful 18-year run in the music industry managing the global 
businesses and careers of multi-Grammy Award-winning music artists and 
Her music management career culminated in being named a Cultural 
Ambassador for the U.S. State Department across two different presidential 
administrations. She produced public diplomacy missions in 18 countries, and 
several regions that had never-before-seen live music from the West. Dreams 
fulfilled, she sold her house, quit her job, and took a two-year sabbatical, 
attending Georgetown University for a Global Executive MBA.  
She was recruited to run the North America subsidiary of a global multimedia 
design agency, and then was appointed VP at Contend Immersive, where she 
ran a global team of rogue, vanguard and brilliant strategists, designers, artists, 
branders. Her latest venture,, is the coalescing of her life, work, and 
academic adventures. For fun, Amy does international channel swimming