1:00- 1:30 PM

The Great Buffet Debate: Catering Trends That Should Be on Your Radar

Through the pandemic, catering and F&B professionals had to find clever ways to accommodate the ever-changing regulations. In 2020 and even into 2022, BizBash spotted clever takes on single-serving appetizers and a shift to seated or boxed meals in favor of shared stations. As the industry looks to 2023, we want to know from the esteemed pros on this panel: Is the buffet really dead? What about sustainability efforts in catering? Tune in to find out, plus how they’re pushing boundaries into the new year and what’s top-of-mind for clients right now.

1:30- 1:45 PM

Built to Stick: How to Keep Audiences Hooked in Your Virtual, Hybrid & In-Person Events

In a post-pandemic world, event planners struggle to keep audiences energized throughout the course of their virtual and in-person events. Attention spans are small, long (monotonous) webinars/sessions aren't cutting it and attendees demand flexibility. In this session, Muhammad Younas will share tactical advice and guidelines to battle these challenges based on observations from events vFairs has powered in 2022.

1:45- 2:10 PM

Break Through the Noise: How to Grab Attention and Make Headlines in a Saturated Market

In a world driven by media, it’s more important than ever to see your event in screen lights, whether it’s a repost on social media, on Vogue, Forbes, or—of course—BizBash. After all, there’s an adage that goes “there’s no such thing as bad press.” So, in this panel, creative agency leaders and event production experts are coming together for a panel that breaks down how these innovators get their happenings in headlines, and break through the experiential boom the industry is currently confronted with

2:10- 2:30 PM

The Core Four: A Framework for the Future of Events

As the events and experience industry is reemerging and reimagining following the pandemic’s disruption, drastic changes have taken shape. These changes have forever transformed the way we engage and connect with our audiences. Learn a new framework for navigating the ever-changing landscape of today’s industry and attendee behaviors—plus ways you can ensure a future of impactful experiences.  
 In this session we will: 
• Dive into how our industry and the very definition of an event have changed 
• Wave goodbye to IRL and URL and embrace ARL™--All Real Life 
• Discuss how powerful connections can spark community—regardless of your event’s time, space, place, or channel   

2:30- 3:00 PM

The Event Industry Today: Navigating Floral and Labor Shortages, Supply-Chain Issues, Creative Blocks, and More

These forward-thinking corporate planners, world-renowned floral designers, and veteran event producers have collaborated with peers, pivoted to plan B (or C or D) on the spot, and made the industry a better place to be. In this session, get key takeaways from these pros as they discuss how they’re dealing with today’s industry challenges (think: labor shortages, a sluggish supply-chain, creative blocks, low post-COVID budgets, and more)—plus how they’re preparing to shift gears again tomorrow.

3:05- 3:45 PM


1:00- 1:30 PM

The Partnership Puzzle: Navigating Industry Relationships Today

Any event planner or producer would tell you that they couldn’t do what they do without the help of vendors who go above and beyond to ensure an event’s success. It’s no secret that these symbiotic partnerships are crucial to our industry. In this session, event pros heading fabrication, gifting, rental, staffing, and AV companies will examine how their professional relationships have evolved over the last two years, plus what some of the biggest pain points are for them as well as what these vendors and suppliers value most in their partnerships with planners and producers

1:30- 1:50 PM

The Seven Change Waves Impacting the Events Industry: Why We Need to Care About Them

With seismic disruptions continuing to transform the landscape across industries and verticals, many marketing and branding professionals—and their organizations—have been in an “adapt or die” situation. Yet, now is the time to seize the day, ride the waves of change, and innovate new and better solutions.  
 Key Learnings:  
· The macro ‘change waves’ affecting consumer behavior—which then impacts business and marketing transformation  
· How brands across industries have adapted to disruption—and the consequence of not adapting 
· Elements of a sustainable, relevant, and future-focused value proposition for your consumers

1:50- 2:20 PM

What in the Web3: Breaking Down the Latest Tech Advancements

Learn from top tech experts on what Web3 is all about, plus what all the new lingo buzzing around the industry means. This power panel will take a deep dive into the metaverse—and all other decentralized, blockchain-backed technologies they’ve been using—to share how they’ve been taking advantage of these new creative tools to build useful (and just plain cool) events that engage attendees in increasingly interesting ways. You’ll want to open up your Notes app for this one!

2:30- 3:00 PM