HMR Designs 

Named one of the top Wedding and Event Designers in the world by Harper’s Bazaar, Rishi remains one of the most highly coveted talents among discerning clientele and celebrities alike. An advocate for fully transformative design, he specializes in celebrations of all kinds, adhering to the firm belief that service is luxury. From galas and weddings to milestone celebrations and corporate launches, any event is in his wheelhouse. An educational background in Finance and an MBA from Indiana University has afforded him the ability to lead the HMR team from a fiscal perspective, though it’s his artistic passion that drives his world-renowned passion for design. As much of a creative visionary as an astute businessman, Rishi’s insistence on unconventionality has continuously transformed the landscape of event design while granting him the honor of designing events for President Obama and Fortune 500 Companies, to name a few. A loyal Chicago native and avid traveler, Rishi regularly seeks inspiration from whatever cultural landscape he can find himself in. Regardless of the marvelous adventures in design that await him, Rishi will always consider himself an artist at heart.