Kim Aimi

Senior Director, Experiential MarketingGlobal Sponsorship, VISA

Kim Aimi is a seasoned senior strategic marketer with an exceptional track record creating brand experiences at major sports events, cultural festivals, and conferences. With over 20 years of experience under her belt, Kim is an expert in creating innovative and unforgettable brand and product experiences that resonate with customers.

Currently serving as a key member of Visa's global sponsorship and strategy team, Kim plays a pivotal role creating engaging brand experiences with Visa's top-tier strategic partners, which include the Olympics, FIFA, NFL, and other properties. Her prior experience includes leading marketing initiatives at tech startups and retail giants. She is passionate about the new storytelling platforms in Web3 and how they can revolutionize the way we communicate and share information. This passion fuels her dedication to staying on the cutting edge of technology and marketing, constantly learning, and exploring new ways to leverage these innovations to drive results.

Although she’d rather be traveling, home sweet home is in the Bay Area near the world-famous Taco Bell on the beach.