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Craig D'Amico
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It's not often that you run into a Broadway performer turned experiential event producer. A performer is an expert in the five senses. He knows how sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and touch affect human experience. An event producer is a master of detail and execution, able to plan and orchestrate complex affairs flawlessly. Craig D'Amico exists at the intersection of these two careers: During a decade on Broadway, he mastered the power hidden in the aesthetics of experience, which he learned to translate across different types of events while working as an acting coach and director of education. With fifteen years as an international event producer, and 10 years running his own event producing company, Craig has produced major events for Fortune 100 companies in London, Germany, New York and L.A., with A list entertainment and Grammy Award-winning artists. His unique perspective makes him a conference speaker who is in high demand. People are motivated by what they feel, not what they know. If knowledge were enough to provide an edge, the Internet would be all we need. Craig understands this need and brings a dynamic sense of Broadway to the lecture stage. Guests who hear him speak, having felt something unexpected, leave with a welcome new perspective. Through fearless creativity and active storytelling Craig is able to captivate hard-to-impress audiences through a fully immersive and personalized experience.
Craig D'Amico